Knott’s Berry Farm 2020-2-28

This will be a quick update. I wasn’t planning on taking many pictures this trip, but I ended up taking quite a few pictures while I was there. I just wanted an excuse to test out the new blog setup. And also there’s some Iron Reef/Beary Tales updates in here.

Meanwhile at the Mystery Lodge, nothing has happened. It’s gone seasonal, with an extremely limited operating schedule. A reopening date of unknown. It’s an indefinite closure. R.I.P. Mystery Lodge.

But here’s a nice panorama to make up for it.

Near Ghostrider I spotted a cat.

Also spotted another one after riding.

I tried doing a panorama of a display case, it didn’t turn out too well.
But this handcar did.

Today I Learned, filters.

On this visit I learned the importance of using filters on a photo. I always wondered why some pictures taken with my LG V40 looked so drab, turns out it was just very neutral and boring. Just put some filters over it to get the above result.

The vintage filter is cool too.


Beary Tales News

Nothing to see here so far (Those yellow ribbons are on the scaffolding outside).

No changes to be seen.

Here’s a lovely panorama of the construction (I was really into making these this trip).

That’s all!


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